Meet Doula Sherelle Hamman


WOMBS and MamaBamba Certified Doula
Postpartum Care Provider (Midwife Cafe)

Background in Early Childhood Education and Development

Why does Sherelle love being a birth and postpartum doula?

I have always wanted to be a doula even before I knew there was such a profession.

My passion for pregnant woman and babies grew after giving birth to my own children. Although each of my four births were different with their own set of circumstances the one thing I knew I needed and lacked was support.  I want every mother to know that no matter how ready you are to become a parent you need someone at your side cheering you on.

My absolute joy is  “Mothering the Mother”

What you don’t know about Sherelle…

Three of my four children were born in the U.S.A where my passion for motherhood was birthed…

Sherelle: 0716250390;