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Sian Williams

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Why does Sian doula?

“Trust your body and your baby to know what to do. I wish you a beautiful birth.” ~Sian Williams

Sian is a gentle and caring prenatal yoga teacher and doula, passionate about teaching women about their bodies and how to move safely during pregnancy. She teaches yoga and leads birthing workshops at her intimate yoga studio in Noordhoek. Sian’s Simply Birth Yoga workshop for pregnant women is an informative and fun session, sharing step-by-step yoga poses (asana), yoga nidra (yogic sleep) meditation, and gentle breathing (pranayama) to physically prepare the ever-changing pregnant body for a healthy, positive birth experience.

“I have many times over witnessed the beautiful benefits of yoga practice for pregnancy, the birthing process, and for postnatal recovery. From conception to birth, the journey of pregnancy relies on our body to be healthy, balanced and in motion. I am inspired to help women on their birthing journey, working within the capabilities of their range of movement while instilling in them a deep-seated trust that their body knows just what to do,” says Sian. “I love yoga for its potent, life-transforming qualities on an anatomical and emotional level. I was nineteen when I first experienced yoga, and from the very first class I was amazed to discover that the simple practice of moving the body slowly with breath, meditation and gazing at a candle (tratak sadhana) could conjure up such feelings of contentment. A decade later, returning home after studying yoga and Ayurveda in India, I found I was pregnant – and I had just started a 200-hour yoga teaching training course at The Shala in Cape Town! My yoga experience, pregnancy, and the birth of my son led me to specialise as a Yoga Alliance prenatal yoga teacher and doula. I am a mentor and an advocate for pregnant women, passing on the torch through skills and knowledge for an empowered and positive birth experience.”

What you don’t know about Sian…

Sian’s gorgeous boy, North, was born on Easter Sunday 2013. They both love spending their free time surfing and hiking.

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