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Energising Spray: R60
An uplifting room spray for the second stage of labour or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Relaxing Spray: R60
A soothing room spray for the beginning stages of labour or to help induce a peaceful sleep. Also useful in the baby’s room to help calm and encourage sleep.

Birth On! Spray: R60
A mix of aromatherapy to help enhance the birth hormones and to encourage progression of labour. Can also be used on date nights :-).

Anti-Nausea Spray: R60
A refreshing fragrance to help ease all sensations of nausea. Can also be used to keep spiders at bay.


Pregnancy Tea: R35 per scoop
An enjoyable tea to drink through pregnancy.

Birth Tea: R35 per scoop
A tea mixed to aid birth and hormones. Can be enjoyed from 38 weeks onwards. 

Lactation Tea: R35 per scoop
A tea blend to aid breast milk production and a calm state.


Relaxing Bath Salts: R30 per scoop
With Frankinsence and Bergamot for a relaxing bath. Eases aches, pains and restless legs. Induces a peaceful sleep.

Herbal Sitz Bath Salts: R35 per scoop
With various herbs to aid and promote healing. Helps inflammation. Good for stitches and bruising.


Herbal pads for post-birth: R10 per pad
A mix of herbs and aromatherapy oils drenched into a frozen, absorbent pad.


We stock an extensive range of Soylites.
Massage and moisturising candles for relaxation.


Shiatsu Massage
Kahuna Massage
Colour Reflexology Massage
Colour Aromatherapy
Holistic Massage
Prenatal Calming Massage
Induction Massage
Postnatal Relaxation Massage
Hypnosis Sessions
Fear Release for Birth
Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Birth Plan Writing Assistance

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